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The place is here. The time is now.


Welcome to King’s Crossing Fashion Outlets, an integral and exciting 650,000 sq. ft. mixed-use retail development strategically located at this nexus of tourism, traffic and population. King’s Crossing offers a number of important advantages: a highly visible highway fronting site, an upscale environment with upgraded architecture and amenities, and a return to the roots of a true fashion outlet experience – authentic manufacturers and retailers with terrific merchandise selling at a strong value proposition in a state-of-the-art shopping environment that encourages visitors to extend their customer experience.

Store facades

King’s Crossing redefines and elevates the level of outlet centers in Canada – a return to the roots of the outlet industry and what makes it work

Kingston, Ontario sits at an ideal meeting point – halfway between Montreal or Ottawa and Toronto, with one of the busiest highway exits in Canada. With a population density of over 1.4 Million both locally and within a 75 minute drive, and add 2.6 Million tourists to the area annually. Now all you need is a place to meet, greet, eat and shop.

map showing Kingston relative to other close major citites